The 7th Pacific Rim Conference on Rheology June 10 (Sun) - 15 (Fri), 2018
Phoenix Jeju, Jeju, Korea
Keynote Speakers(General Sessions)

General Sessions

(in alphabetic order)

[G2. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics & Microfluidics]

[G3. Polymer Solutions & Melts]

[G5. Gels and Rubbers]

Kyushu University, Japan
*Title (Tentative): Mechanics of Network Structures
(Kyushu University, Japan)

After working for industries,
2007: ph. D, Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo
2007: Post-doc, ESPCI Paris Tech.
2007: Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo
2011: Project Associate Professor, Bio-mechanics Research Center, Kyushu University
2012 - Present: Associate Professor, Kyushu University
2013-2014: Earthquake Research Institute, The University of Tokyo
2015: Invited Professor, EPFL (Switzerland)
2016: Invited Professor, University of Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France)
Research Field: Soft matter physics, adhesion, fracture, friction, earthquake physics

[G6. Suspensions, Colloids, and Glasses]

Kyoto University, Japan
*Title (Tentative): Confinement Effect on Synchronized Motions of Driven Colloids on a Path
(Kyoto University, Japan)

In 1994, He received Ph. D. (1994) degrees from Kyushu University, Japan, and then
1995-1997: JSPS research fellow for Young Scientists (PD) at Kyoto University,
1997-2002: Assistant professor in Nagoya University (Prof. Doi group),
2002-2009: Associate Professor in Yamagata University.
He was also a visiting researcher (2003) at Material Research Laboratory in the University of California, Santa Barbara. (c/o Prof. Glenn Fredrickson)
Since 2009 he has been an associate professor in Kyoto University.
His research interests are studies on soft matter physics, in particular, physics of colloids, polymeric systems and lipid membranes using theories and simulations.

[G7. Surfactants, Emulsions, and Foams]

Jin Woong KIM
Hanyang University, Korea
*Title (Tentative): Colloid Surfactant Catalysts for Pickering Emulsion Microreactors
* Jin Woong KIM
(Hanyang University, Korea)

Prof. Jin Woong Kim got his bachelor degree in 1994, master degree in 1996, and Ph. D in 2000 from Industrial Chemistry at Hanyang University. Then he had an industry experience as a chief researcher at Amore-Pacific R&D Center for 10.5 years. During that time, he also spent 2.5 year as a post-doc at Physics of Harvard University. From 2011, he started his academy life at Chemical and Molecular Engineering of Hanyang University. His research interests lie in fabricating a wide variety of soft materials, of which length scales are adjustable over nanometers to micrometers, and particularly how their morphological, structural, and mechanical properties should be designed and controlled in complex fluids. He has a wide research experience in both fabricating functional soft materials and modifying their chemical and physical properties, which are essential for developing novel complex systems. His research can be specified as follows; molecular or colloidal self-assemblies, colloid or emulsion interactions, microfluidics, nano- and micro-encapsulations, liposomes, polymersomes, and transdermal deliveries.
Florence ROUYER
Université Paris-Est, France
*Title (Tentative): Gas Marbles: Strength and Gas Permeability
* Florence ROUYER
(Université Paris-Est, France)

Florence Rouyer is Associate Professor of Physics at the Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée since 2002. She received her PhD in 1999 from the Université Paris-Sud. She studied solids/liquids suspension from 1996 to 1999 in Fast Laboratory in Orsay during her PhD thesis and granular gases in 2000 at UMASS in Amherst during hers post-doc.
Since 2000, her research interest concerns more generally the physics of soft matter with liquid interfaces: stability of foams and bubbles, stability and rheology of particulate soap films, gas marbles, foamability of complex fluids.
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan
*Title (Tentative): Microstructure, Rheology, and Flow Instability of Wormlike Micellar Solutions under Spatial Confinement and Flow Conditions
* Amy SHEN
(Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, Japan)

Amy Shen is a professor in Micro/Bio/Nanofluidics Unit at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University in Japan. She was a faculty member at Mechanical Engineering and Chemical Engineering at University of Washington until July 2014. Amy's research is focused on microfluidics, rheology, and self assembly that can find applications in the nanotechnology and biotechnology. Amy is an honor member of Phi Kappa Phi and Pi Tau Sigma. Amy received Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award in 2003 and the National Science Foundation's CAREER Award in 2007. Amy is also a Fulbright Scholar in 2013. Amy is an associate editor for Micormachines, Biomedical Microdevices, and Scientific Reports, and on the editorial advisory board for Physics of Fluids.

[G8. Interface & Microrheology]

RMIT University, Australia
*Title (Tentative): Challenges in Nanofluidics - beyond Navier-Stokes at the Molecular Scale
* Peter DAIVIS
(RMIT University, Australia)

Peter Daivis is professor of physics in the School of Science at RMIT University, Melbourne Australia. His work focuses on the application of non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulation methods to problems in molecular rheology, including fundamental studies of slip, the effect of angular and translational momentum coupling and flow in strongly inhomogeneous fluids.

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